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Asian Stock Markets Sharply Up Thursday, Driven By Reduced Concerns About Omicron Variant of Covid.

London, Thursday 23 December 2021 -

As the holiday season approaches, the trading activity in Asian stock markets has decreased.

According to the Commerce Department's third and final reading on Wednesday, the US real gross domestic product (GDP) was revised to an annual rate of 2.3 percent for the third quarter. Last month's second reading was 2.1 percent.

The Conference Board said on Wednesday that consumer confidence in the United States increased 3.9 points to 115.8 in December, rebounding from its lowest level in nine months in November.

Due to the Christmas holidays, several global markets will be closed on Friday.

  • The Asia Dow, which covers the region's blue-chip businesses, rose 40.1 points, or 1.08 percent, to 3,765 points.

  • The Nikkei 225 stock index in Tokyo rose 236.16 points, or 0.83 percent, to close at 28,798 on Thursday.

  • The Hang Seng, the Hong Kong stock exchange's benchmark for blue-chip stocks, rose 91.3 points, or 0.40 percent, to 23,193.

  • Shanghai's stock exchange increased by 20.7 points, or 0.57 percent, to 3,643 points.

  • The benchmark Indian Sensex rose 408.9 points, or 0.72 percent, to 57,339 points, while the Singapore index rose 6.08 points, or 0.20 percent, to 3,093.

(Asian Stock Market Report by: The Decision Maker reporters in Hong Kong)


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