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The Week in Numbers: 'Bond' market billions (to May 28, 2021)

We round up the big numbers in business and finance over the week to May 28. Rosanna Philpott reports.

From a multibillion-dollar deal to buy James Bond and Rocky, to Joe Biden's multitrillion-dollar spending spree. This is the Week in Numbers.

First up... $6 trillion dollars is the expected size of President Joe Biden's first U.S. budget. The mountain of money will pay for infrastructure and other growth-boosting measures. Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says the spending won't spark runaway inflation, but will make U.S. debts bigger than the size of its economy. $8.45 billion is what it costs to buy James Bond. Or at least the studio that makes the movies.

Amazon is buying MGM to bulk up content for its Prime Video streaming service. Besides Bond, MGM also made classic movies like "Rocky", and TV series such as "The Handmaid's Tale".

$34 billion dollars, or about four MGMs, is what you'd pay to buy some Chinese warehouses. That was the value put on JD Logistics after its shares surged on their debut. It's the delivery arm of e-commerce giant, and the strong showing suggests investors still want Chinese tech stocks, even as Beijing cracks down on its online titans.

$28 million or so is the price tag for the world's most expensive car, according to media reports. Though Rolls-Royce wouldn't do anything so vulgar as to confirm that. Boss Torsten Muller-Oetvos showed off the built-in champagne cooler and cutlery dispenser:


"What you see here in the back is probably, technically, the most refined picnic facility on earth.” Rolls is making three of the bespoke Boat Tail cars for unnamed clients.

And 512% is the jump in demand for laptops and other work-at-home gear. Or at least that was the quarterly surge in profits at Lenovo, the world's biggest personal computer maker. The Chinese firm enjoyed its fastest growth in a decade as people snapped up all kinds of tech.


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