The Decision Maker is a quarterly international business journal with a global audience and distribution published in London, United Kingdom.

The magazine was offered to our Investment Club (The Decision Maker Club) members in 2017 as a concept in the form of a newsletter with information comparable to that seen on our website now.

The club's primary members are Family Offices (SFOs and MFOs) and Ultra-High Net Worth (UHNW) investors, and in response to their desire for a decision-making tool, The Decision Maker was born as a newsletter. It featured special country and industry reports, market updates and analyses, as well as international relations and diplomacy affairs, all of which were taken into account for their final investment and/or political decisions.


Today, the magazine is offered in digital and print editions to subscribers, with copies distributed at industry events across the world.


History of our Logo

As active supporters of cultural diversity, the publication chose to adapt its logo in order to highlight diversity in leadership. To break the stereotype of the decision maker, who is often a white male in the minds of the wider public, The Decision Make demonstrates to its global audience that a decision maker can be not only a female, but also a black female.

Readers' Profile & Sources

The core readers are decision makers in industries that have an impact on global socioeconomic and political status quo, with areas such as Banking & Finance, Maritime, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Real Estate, Energy, Technology, International Relations, and Lifestyle covered.
The information is organised as a decision-making tool to aid leaders in developing their plan. The Decision Maker provides readers with unrivalled analyses of the relationship between Political, Economic, Social/Cultural, Technological, and Geopolitical Affairs, all of which have an impact on the global business environment, investment decisions, and strategies that govern International Relations.

Its one-of-a-kind content comes from top-tier sources like Reuters and high-profile contributors whose views naturally set the benchmark in their fields.

Global Business Awards 

In 2017, members of our Investment Club proposed the Decision Maker Global Awards Programme, which brought on board a judging committee with a combined expertise of over 150 years in the areas we cover. They held roles at Central Banks, in Diplomacy at the Ambassador level, and in Banking & Finance at the CEO level during their professional careers. Since then, The Decision Maker Global Business Awards Programme honours companies and individuals who excel in their fields and set an example for their industry.

Global Audience