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Two Azerbaijani soldiers injured on Tuesday in Armenia-Azerbaijan clashes, UN intervenes

Dubai, Tuesday 16 November 2021

Recent clashes on the Armenia-Azerbaijan borders mobilised the UN, calling for dialogue between the two countries.

Farhan Haq, spokesman for Antonio Guterres, the Secreatry-General, said: "At this point, we urge all sides to exercise restraint to act in accordance with the ninth of November and 11th of January trilateral statements and address any related concerns peacefully through dialogue", while adding, "We want to avoid any return to the sort of escalation we had earlier,"

The UN intervention came following the attack on Azerbaijani army positions by the Armenian army on the border on Tuesday, according to the Ministry of Defense of Azerbaijan.

The Armenian forces proceeded with “large-scale provocations” against the Azerbaijani army in the Kalbajar and Lachin regions of the border, the ministry of Azerbaijan, said.

While two Azerbaijani soldiers were injured during the attacks, the Azerbaijani army responded immediately stopping the Armenian forces, the statement of the Azerbaijani defense ministry concluded.

(Research and correspondence by: The Decision Maker Middle East team)


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