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Germany To Issue Fixed-Income Securities of €403 Billion in 2022

London, Thursday 16 December 2021

The German Finance Agency which is responsible for the country’s borrowing and debt management said on Thursday that Germany plans to issue fixed-income federal securities of €403 billion ($457 billion) by way of auctions, in 2022.

The scheme’s structure includes €195 billion to be raised in the capital market and an additional €208 billion in the money market.

The agency added that, inflation-linked federal securities in the amount of €6 billion to €8 billion are planned to be issued through auctions, to conclude that, "the issuance planning for 2022 is geared to the financing needs of the federal government and its special funds, which continue to be increased overall due to the ongoing pandemic situation".

(Research and report by: The Decision Maker)


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