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Bitcoin Breaks The $60k Barrier!

Bitcoin Breaks The $60k Barrier!

London, 28 February 2024

Wednesday saw a sharp increase in Bitcoin (BTC-USD), breaking above $60,000 and approaching its all-time high as interest in the biggest cryptocurrency in the world reached a feverish level last seen during a 2021 boom.

Amid rumours that certain Coinbase (COIN) users started seeing a $0 balance in their accounts, the digital asset dropped down to the $60,000 mark. The digital asset had risen as high as $63,900, its highest intraday position since November 2021. Source: Yahoo!Finance

With increasing confidence that the market for cryptocurrencies is expanding, Bitcoin reached its highest intraday point since November 2021 and remained above $60,000.

Earlier in the day, it had climbed as high as $63,900. More than $6 billion has been drawn to the US exchange-traded funds that will house the coins, and the upcoming April 20th Bitcoin halving will cut the amount of new Bitcoin issued in half. Source: Trading Economics


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