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Biden: M1 Abrams Tanks Will Arrive in Ukraine Next Week.

Tanks, an ardent desire of the Ukrainian forces, to arrive in Ukraine amid counteroffensive against Russia.

London, Friday, 22 September 2023

President Joe Biden announced Thursday while hosting Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy at the White House that the US' top-of-the-line M1 Abrams main combat tanks will start to arrive in Ukraine starting next week.

The arrival of the tanks on the battlefield coincides with Ukrainian troops' ongoing counteroffensive to drive Russia out of occupied territory, which has been long anticipated.

Biden presented a new $325 million military aid package in order to help with that effort. It includes more air defence, such as a second HAWK air defence system, anti-tank weaponry, artillery ammo, and more ammunition for the already-supplied HIMARS long-range missile systems.

However, it excludes long-range surface-to-surface missile systems, or ATACMS, which Ukraine has declared openly will support its military operations.

According to Biden, the support is a sign of a longer-term dedication to the security, stability, and future economy of Ukraine.

In addition to supporting reforms that will fight corruption and create an environment where businesses can thrive and American and European businesses want to invest, he said, "We're committed to helping the Ukrainian people recover and rebuild for the future, just as we're committed to helping them defend themselves now."

Together with 29 other partners, we're dedicated to assisting Ukraine in developing a force that can guarantee its long-term security and thwart current and impending threats to its sovereignty, territorial integrity, and independence. Because that is the main focus of this. the upcoming. The freedom of tomorrow," he added.

Zelenskyy praised the American people and Vice President Biden for their unwavering support, adding that the most recent military funding is "exactly what our soldiers need."

He characterised the discussions as "very productive, strong negotiations," and claimed that the US had agreed to strengthen Ukraine's air defences in front of the winter, when it is anticipated that Russia will begin its attacks on vital Ukrainian infrastructure, including the power needed to heat homes and buildings.

Zelenskyy went to Capitol Hill earlier to try to increase support for sustained US aid, especially among Republican rank-and-file members where opposition has been growing.

Biden responded, "There is no alternative," when asked by a reporter if Congress will continue to back attempts to arm and defend Ukraine.

He declared, "I'm counting on the wisdom of the United States Congress."

(Written and edited by The Decision Maker - International Relations Editors)

(M1 Abrams tank. Source: Wikipedia)


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