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EU Actively Restricts Russian LNG Shipments.

EU Actively Restricts Russian LNG Shipments.

London, 21 June 2024

Approximately twelve of the so-called shadow tanker fleet and strict measures against LNG supplies are part of the fourteenth set of sanctions that the European Union is imposing on Russia.

The new package targets the liquefied natural gas supplies to foreign countries as well as Russia's covert fleet of tankers.

Now, in order for the measures to take effect, member states must formally adopt them.

A coordinated set of further penalties against Russia, many of which are related to shipping, have been making headlines since the G7 leaders met in Italy last week.

The UK this week announced the designation of 50 fresh sanctions, marking nearly 850 days since the commencement of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine. Putin's shadow fleet ships, Russian LNG firms, a ship-manager, and Ingosstrakh, a well-known insurance company in Russia, are among the new targets.

Additionally, last week, the US Office of Foreign Assets Control imposed a fresh round of penalties against Russia that included targeted organisations engaged in the country's LNG sector. (Written by: The Decision Maker - Maritime editors)


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