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Carel Potgieter; a Business Consultant Who Cares about our Mental Health.

Carel Potgieter; a Business Consultant Who Cares about our Mental Health.

Wednesday, 19 June 2024

On 26 March, our team did put together an article, “Coaching Services for Decision-Makers: Why Are They Important? 

Today, I am delighted to present the services of Carel Potgieter, an expert Business Coach, specialising in Leadership development, Communication Strategies, Business Development and EQ Coaching.


I had the pleasure of discussing Carel’s story which I’m happy to present.

Carel Potgieter Business Consultant Leadership And Mental Fitness Coach

Angelos: Carel, it was a pleasure to have made your acquaintance on LinkedIn, your approach caught my attention. Tell me more about you and what you do.


Carel: Angelos, it was likewise a pleasure, thank you for giving me this opportunity to address your the audience of The Decision Maker magazine, worldwide.


I specialise in providing comprehensive solutions to address businesses' challenges. With over 45 years of experience in various leadership roles, I've developed a keen understanding of the critical factors that drive success in today's dynamic and digital environment.


My expertise lies in various areas, including leadership development, communication strategies, business development, and EQ coaching.


Angelos: What makes you stand out?


Carel: I've developed a unique approach integrating various methodologies to drive tangible results in a VUCA (Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, Ambiguous) world. My focus areas include emotional intelligence, mental fitness, brain health, leadership skills, people engagement, and innovation.


Angelos: What is the impact of your services on businesses? Could you be more specific on the exact services you offer?


Carel: The impact of the offered services is to ensure the successful growth of businesses and individuals within the organisation. I offer the below services:


·      Business Strategy Development and Implementation

·      Leadership Coaching and Training

·      Team Building and Coaching

·      Employee Engagement Strategies

·      EQ Assessment and Coaching (Based on 6 Seconds Methodology)

·      Personality Assessment and Integration Development (Based on the Enneagram)

·      Mind Power Management (Based on Neuroscience Leadership Coaching Methodology)

·      Mental fitness 

·      Account Management and Sales Coaching, Proposal/Tender Development


Angelos: Are those offered services standard or adjusted to each client?


Carel: Every client is different and same applies to their needs. I therefore, tailor these services to meet each client's unique needs, delivering well-defined strategies and operational tactics that focus on creating personal fulfilment and customer value-driven outcomes.


Angelos: I feel your services will be useful to our audience, indeed. How could someone contact you?


Carel: Thank you Angelos, I would be delighted to serve the coaching needs of your audience. I can be reached by phone and via email as below:


Tel.: +27 (0) 82 3231875


Special Presentation version can be found here


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