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North Korea and Russia Sign Military Support Agreement in Case of an Attack.

North Korea and Russia Sign Military Support Agreement in Case of an Attack.

London, 20 June 2024

In a new collaboration agreement signed following a summit between the leaders of the two nations, North Korea and Russia promised to support one another militarily "without delay" in the event that one is attacked by a third nation, according to Pyongyang's official media on Thursday.

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According to an article of the treaty, "if one of the two sides is placed under war situations due to an armed invasion from an individual country or several nations, the other side provides military and other assistance without delay by mobilising all means in its possession," the Korean Central News Agency reported.

Following negotiations in Pyongyang on Wednesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin and North Korean Leader Kim Jong-un signed the comprehensive strategic partnership pact.

The KCNA reports that the new agreement also forbids either party from signing or taking part in accords with third parties that violate the other's fundamental interests.

South Korea's Reaction

On Thursday, South Korea stated that it "directly violates" resolutions of the UN Security Council and voiced "regret" over the agreement.

A news briefing was held by ministry spokesperson Lim Soo-suk. "We express our regret that, despite repeated warnings from the international community, Russia and North Korea have signed a comprehensive strategic partnership treaty and openly mentioned the military-technological cooperation," the official said.

South Korea is going to "sternly respond to any actions that threaten our security by working with the international community, including our allies and friendly nations," Lim stated.

Lim stated that the government intends to make public its official stance on the treaty's contents.

Putin's first visit to North Korea in twenty-four years took place at the same time as the summit in Pyongyang, and the government is expected to examine the conclusion at a meeting of the National Security Council.

(Written by: The Decision Maker - International Relations editors.)


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