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Finland is Willing to Support the Serbia-Kosovo Dialogue's Continuance.

London, Thursday, 01 June 2023

Foreign Minister Pekka Haavisto stated on Thursday that Finland is prepared to assist the continuation of the Serbia-Kosovo conversation despite the ongoing hostilities.

In his statements on the street in Oslo, where an unofficial NATO foreign ministers conference is taking place, Haavisto added, "We are very concerned about the unrest in the northern municipalities in Kosovo, and we urge Kosovo to solve this issue."

He stated, "We are ready to support the continuation of the Serbia-Kosovo dialogue," and added, "It's very important from our part."

At least 30 NATO soldiers were hurt during the fighting in Kosovo.

More than 53 civilians were hurt by shock bombs and tear gas, according to hospital sources.

NATO recently made the decision to send 700 more soldiers to the nation and to keep a battalion on standby in case more forces are required.

He claimed that Helsinki has already sent 16 military shipments to Ukraine as part of its support.

Haavisto stated that his nation is prepared to "do its utmost" in order for Sweden to join NATO before the Vilnius Summit in July.

Tobias Billstrom, the foreign minister of Sweden, stated during his statements on Sweden's doorstep that Sweden has met "all the commitments" to join NATO and urged Hungary and Turkey to ratify its application.

Billstrom continued, "This was never a sprint; it's a marathon, and we finally see the finish of it.

Soon after the beginning of the Ukraine War in February 2022, Finland and Sweden submitted NATO membership applications. Sweden is still making changes to join the alliance, while Finland joined in April.

As a member of NATO, Sweden will attend the unofficial gathering in Oslo.

(Report by: The Decision Maker – International Relations editors)


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