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Report: Greece – Luxembourg Relations.

Athens, Tuesday, 8 November 2022

By Angelos C. Tsigkopoulos, Publisher, The Decision Maker

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Greece and Luxembourg have cordial diplomatic ties, albeit perhaps not as widely publicised or prominent as those between Greece and some other European nations. Based on broad diplomatic connections and historical context, the following summarises their relationship:

Diplomatic Relations

At the ambassadorial level, Greece and Luxembourg continue to have diplomatic ties. Both nations regularly engage in diplomatic communication and cooperation since they have embassies or diplomatic representations in each other's capitals.

European Union

Greece is a member of the European Union together with Luxembourg. Since they collaborate within the larger EU framework to establish policies, participate in economic cooperation, and solve common concerns facing the union, their bilateral relationship is significantly based on their shared EU membership.

Financial Relations

The main topic of discussion in Greece-Luxembourg economic ties is EU-wide economic cooperation. They participate in financial, commercial, and investment activities within the EU's customs union and single market as member nations.

European Establishments

The European Investment Bank and the Court of Justice of the European Union are two of the EU organisations and agencies that are based in Luxembourg. Greek representatives and officials may interact with these organisations as part of their EU-related duties.

International Collaboration

Greece and Luxembourg frequently cooperate in multilateral forums, such as the UN, where they strive towards common goals pertaining to global development, peace, security, and human rights.

Exchanges in Education and Culture:

Greece and Luxembourg exchange cultural and educational experiences that improve mutual understanding and promote interpersonal relationships. Collaborations in the humanities and arts, cultural events, and academic partnerships are a few examples of these interactions.


Another such area of contact is tourism. In order to stimulate visits and cross-cultural learning, both nations may promote travel and tourism.

Past Connections

Greece and Luxembourg's relationship is often characterised by diplomatic professionalism and cooperation within the larger European environment, despite the fact that they may not have strong historical links.


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