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Women in Maritime International Day – 18 May.

Wednesday, 18 May 2022

On May 18, 2022, the IMO will hold its first International Day for Women in Maritime, with the theme "Training-Visibility-Recognition: Supporting a Barrier-Free Working Environment."

IMO welcomes all stakeholders to participate in events and activities related to this issue on this day.

Gender equality is considered as a critical foundation for a long-term future. It is entrenched in Sustainable Development Goal 5 - one of the 17 goals that drive the United Nations' Sustainable Development Agenda, which all governments have agreed to implement.

IMO has supported gender equality for more than three decades through our women in marine initiative, which aims to empower women in the maritime sector through training, visibility, and recognition.

IMO Member States designated 18 May each year to honour and pay respect to the accomplishments of maritime women during last December's Assembly to give an opportunity to spotlight and celebrate women in maritime.

Furthermore, the commemoration will promote the recruitment, retention, and long-term employment of women in the maritime industry, as well as efforts to remedy the current gender imbalance in the industry.

Let us celebrate the many women who are contributing to the future of maritime on this first International Day for Women in Maritime: navigators, engineers, surveyors, CEOs, managers, representatives of government and industry, those who chair IMO organ meetings, and women in every other role across the industry.

Women are engaged in all aspects of the marine industry around the world to help the industry transition to a more decarbonised, digitalized, and sustainable future.

Although there is still a gender disparity in the maritime industry, circumstances are changing as it becomes clear that diversity benefits the overall industry.

Maritime is now accessible to anyone.

It is not about your gender - it is about what you can do, as I have already stated.

We strive to create a barrier-free working environment for women in maritime at IMO through training, visibility, and recognition.

Let us work together to break down barriers and guarantee that we establish a work climate in the maritime community that is enabling, supportive, and inclusive of varied involvement by everyone.

Happy "International Day for Women in Maritime" to all of you!

(Source: International Maritime Organisation // Edited by: The Decision Maker)


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