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Windows 11 Ecosystem to Support Android Apps

Thursday, 1 July 2021 -

Windows 11 has long been in the pipeline and the rumour mill has been running for the best part of the year. But the Windows 11 operating system has officially been announced by Microsoft and would be grazing machines in the upcoming summer holidays, and has people excited already.

And yes, a big part of the Windows 11 ecosystem has been designed to accommodate Android apps, which will strike many users as quite an interesting feature.

Speaking to a press call, Panos Panay, Microsoft’s Chief Product Officer, said that the most frequently used Android apps will be installable in the OS environment, and will be accessible via the Start Menu on the machine.

A New Era for Microsoft

The Windows 11 OS will be officially available for upgrades or purchase later this year, in what will mark a new era for Microsoft’s legacy. That’s because the Windows 11 environment will allow users to use real apps on the OS as opposed to relying on web versions. As such, users will have more freedom to multitask on Microsoft apps such as word, and still open apps like Instagram, Kindle, or TikTok in other windows.

The integration of Android apps will also benefit developers as they wouldn’t have to necessarily develop a Windows-only version of the app to reach the marketplace. The OS will be available to new devices going forward, as well as those with compatible Windows 10 systems.

Windows 11 Perks

So, what does Windows 11 come with? Will it be more functional that Windows 10 and provides an effective user face? Here are what we expect from this new era for Microsoft.

  • The Snap Features

The new Windows 11 OS will come with a Snap feature that will allow users to arrange apps in a layout of their liking, including running multiple apps on the screen’s real estate. Users will organize apps to their visual preference using this feature too.

  • Amazon Appstore integration

As opposed to using Play Store to access Android apps, Microsoft’s Windows 11 ecosystem comes with the Amazon Appstore integration. And while this comes as a surprise to users, many have wondered how non-native apps will work. But Microsoft has confirmed that Android apps will work both on AMD-based systems and Intel-powered systems. And this operating ecosystem will be perfect for touch-centric workflow apps, although the company hasn’t mentioned whether or not sideloading of apps will be possible.

The Bottom Line

This move by Microsoft has rendered the Windows 11 OS a more inviting proposal for mobile users. That's because the Windows store landscape will flood with over 1.8 billion Android apps. The tech giant has said the early build of the Operating System will be released in the next few weeks, with its official release scheduled later this year.

(Written and edited by: The Decision Maker Team)


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