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S&P 500 Climbs, European Markets Mostly Up, Asian Markets Mixed

London, Wednesday, 13 October 2021

S&P 500 closed higher led by strength in tech.

S&P 500: +0.3%

Dow Jones: flat

Nasdaq: +0.73%

Blue-chip Dow: -0.54%

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) was up 0.4% from the previous month and 5.4% from the same period last year.

Bitcoin was down almost 4% to $54,700.


VIX volatility index, was almost flat at 19.88, while the dollar index declined 0.26% to 94.27.

The yield on 10-year US Treasury notes decreased 2.6% to 1.538%.

With international benchmark Brent crude at $82.91 and US benchmark West Texas Intermediate at $80.11, crude prices presented some losses at a decline of 0.6%

Precious metals were on the rise with gold adding 1.5% to $1,786 per ounce, and silver increasing 2.2% to $23.06.

European stock markets closed mostly higher on Wednesday, as Europe's industrial production in August increased year-on-year, the EU's statistical authority said earlier. The reading was up 5.1% in the eurozone and 5.3% in the EU27 from the same month of last year, according to Eurostat.

STOXX Europe 600: +0.7%

FTSE 100: +0.16%

DAX: +0.68%

CAC: +0.75%

FTSE MIB 30: -0.12%

IBEX 35: -0.16%

Asian markets closed mixed after strong sales in global markets due to inflation concerns on Tuesday.

Asia Dow: -0.31%

Nikkei 225: -0.32%

Hang Seng: -1.43%

Shanghai: +0.42%

Singapore: +1.43%

Sensex: +0.76%

(Written and edited by: The Decision Maker)


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