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US Jobs at Record High in February.

London, Tuesday, 29 March 2022

In February 2022, the number of job opportunities in the United States was 11.266 million, down from an upwardly revised 11.283 million in January and much below market estimates of 11 million.

As employers struggled to locate limited workers, the number of available jobs remained near a record high of 11.448 million established in December. Jobs in the arts, leisure, and recreation (+32,000), educational services (+26,000), and federal government (+23,000) increased, while jobs in finance and insurance (-63,000) and nondurable products manufacturing (-23,000) fell (-39,000).

In the Midwest, job vacancies decreased while in the West, they soared.

Meanwhile, 4.4 million Americans departed their employment, bringing the overall quit rate to 2.9 percent, with 1.8 job openings for every unemployed individual.

(Source: U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics // Edited by: The Decision Maker)


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