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Sweden's Trade Balance Increased to SEK 6.9 Billion in February.

London, Tuesday, 28 March 2023

From SEK 1 billion in February 2022 to SEK 6.9 billion in February 2023, Sweden's trade balance increased significantly.

Sales increased to both EU countries (15.8% to SEK 94.7 billion) and non-EU countries (7.5% to SEK 74.4 billion), increasing exports by 12% to SEK 169.1 billion on an annual basis.

At the same time, imports rose at a slower rate of 8% to SEK 162.2 billion, with higher purchases coming from EU nations (13.1%) and lower ones coming from non-EU nations (-0.9%).

The nation recorded a trade surplus of SEK 15.4 billion in the first two months of the year, up from a deficit of SEK 0.1 billion in the same time in 2022.

(Source: Statistics Sweden // Report by: Jonathan Davies, Finance editor - The Decision Maker)


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