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The Decision Maker Magazine to Support NegotiCON 2024, the International Negotiation Conference.


The Decision Maker Magazine to Support NegotiCON 2024, the International Negotiation Conference.

London, 16 October 2023The Decision Maker announced a unique media partnership today, supporting NegotiCON, the International Negotiation Conference.

The event will take place on 19th – 21st April 2024, in Prague, Czech Republic.

Buy your tickets here:

We all negotiate 2-7 times a day, whether we realise it or not. Nevertheless, it is not very frequent that somebody would have their job title as a “Negotiator”. Often, we associate “negotiation” only with crisis situations that police or special services as the FBI deal with.

At NegotiCON, you can learn from the world’s best negotiators, those who have helped to shape the worlds of business, crisis and diplomacy, how to navigate, manage crisis and de-escalate conflicts. Building on NegotiCON 2023 topic of “Harnessing the power of relationships, trust and teamwork in negotiation”, this time over 3 days (2 days of Conference, 1 day of Workshops) you will gain a first-hand experience in what today’s negotiations are fuelled by the most – intelligence gathered and options it presents.

If you would like to benefit from the hands-on experience and be instructed by our key speakers, there are ALL ACCESS tickets which include Workshops on the 21st of April and an exclusive Networking Experience with our speakers during a complimentary programme at the end of the first day of conference.

For the most adventurous 10 of you, who would like to maximise your learning opportunity, there are especially designed VIP X tickets providing you with a half-day private programme with the main speakers - including an unforgettable experience testing and strengthening your negotiations skills in high stress situations such as at the shooting range.

Mr. Angelos Tsigkopoulos, Publisher and Managing Director of The Decision Maker, stated: "We are extremely happy to promote this event; as our name denotes, our core audience consists of professionals at decision-making level. To reach the level of a decision maker, negotiations become your second nature. Every day, our audience negotiates at the highest level at their jobs, driving business development and growth. I am actually one of them, as the Founder of the publisher of The Decision Maker magazine, Diorasis Group, which is a Business Development Consulting firm. Therefore, supporting this event was a natural choice.

Mr. Jan Mexo Rehak, Founder NegotiCON, stated: “We are very proud to announce The Decision Maker as partner of NegotiCON. NegotiCON was designed from the beginning to cooperate with the best topic-relevant speakers and partners to bring the attendees the best possible information and experience. After last year’s success we decided to take it to another level, therefore partnering up with The Decision Maker was a logical step.”

The Decision Maker is a London-based Business magazine offering unparalleled decision analysis content, vital for the decision-making process. It is available by subscription-only bi-annually. Its content is structured in the form of specialised articles, special reports and latest global news. Its unique news is sourced by a team of editors in EMEA, North America and LATAM as well as Reuters and high-profile contributors whose opinions do often set a benchmark in their industries.

NegotiCON is: “a one-of-a-kind conference bringing negotiators from crisis, business, academic and diplomatic negotiations together. NegotiCON 2023 attended CEOs, managers, lawyers, doctors, students, IT but also firemen and police amongst others. Topic for 2024 is “Negotiation with authentic information, perception and relationships – How to manage conflicts creatively to build strong leadership,” thus useful in various industries, whether you are a forensic auditor, buyer, or salesman. We will learn from the best from the FBI, the Canadian and Chicago Police and Scotland Yard, as well as from world-renowned lawyers, academics, and businessmen.”

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