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Greenstat And Everfuel Team Up on Norway’s Hydrogen Supply

Saturday, 17 July 2021 -

Norwegian energy giant Greenstat and Danish green hydrogen fuel supplier Everfuel have teamed up to develop green hydrogen for a zero-emission transportation sector in Norway.

The two companies announced that they have identified several projects and they are actively pursuing them jointly to supply hydrogen for zero-emission mobility in Norway's transportation sector that includes:

  • Maritime

  • Industry

  • Export

  • Naval

  • Road transport

Both companies have outlined a shared goal that will see them make green hydrogen commercially available from production facilities to end-users and want to establish complete value chains.

In a statement, Everfuel’s CEO Jacob Krogsgaard said the collaboration between the two companies will support the development and distribution of hydrogen fuelling stations across Norway, with plans to initially construct 20 filling stations in the south, before expanding to many more in the north of Norway with time.

Krogsgaard pointed to the ever-growing market for renewable energy, especially in Europe, and said the partnership will work on multiple projects to provide competitive energy solutions to Europe, and as well tap into the market opportunities going forward.

Everfuel’s Portfolio

Everfuel is an established developer of hydrogen fuelling stations in Denmark and across Europe. And beyond dealing with renewables, the company provides the missing link between zero-emission transportation and renewable energy and is a leading supplier of green hydrogen in Europe. In cooperating with Greenstat, Everfuel wants to expand its network of green hydrogen filling stations.

Greenstat’s Portfolio

Greenstat, on the other hand, has a portfolio in developing hydrogen production projects. Greenstat continues to work on developing renewable energy projects, and this latest effort will see the company expand its sustainable hydrogen production across Norway. The company has always prioritized international prospects in the past but has shown interest in developing large and small-scale production facilities using local energy.

The areas of focus are in Norway's mobility sector that will include rail, road, and sea. Once that becomes a reality, Greenstat will look to explore industrial and export markets where the market for sustainable hydrogen is growing.

Beyond that, the company has expressed ambition to be the owner (either cooperatively or independently) and operator of all green hydrogen plants in Norway. And besides partnering with Everfuel, Greenstat has previously worked and continues to work with energy firms Hy2gen and Nel Hydrogen, and is a shareholder of two other companies – Green H2 Norway and Glomfjord Hydrogen.

The latest move will see the company put itself in a strong position it taping into Norway’s, and indeed, Europe’s ever-growing green energy market.

(Written and edited by: The Decision Maker team)


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