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Global Markets Weekly roundup 11-15 October

London, 15 October 2021 -


Economic data help stocks build on gains

Stocks built on the previous week’s gains, helped by some strong economic signals and positive earnings surprises.

Dow Jones

Friday’s Close: 35,294.76

Week’s Change: 548.51

% Change YTD: 15.32%


Friday’s Close: 4,471.37

Week’s Change: 80.03

% Change YTD: 19.04%


Friday’s Close: 14,897.34

Week’s Change: 317.80

% Change YTD: 15.59%


Shares in Europe rallied on optimism about the continuing economic recovery and strong corporate earnings.

STOXX Europe 600: +2.65%

CAC 40: +2.55%

DAX: +2.51%

FTSE MIB: +1.68%

FTSE 100: 1.95%

Core Eurozone bond yields finished lower after a volatile week, while Peripheral Eurozone bond yields broadly tracked core markets, as did UK gilt yields.

UK economy returns to growth with number of payroll employees hitting a record of 29.2 million

UK GDP grew 0.4% in August with hospitality industry benefiting from the first full month of reopening.


Japan’s stock market returns turned green.

Nikkei: +3.64%

TOPIX index: +3.16%

Yen feel to a three years low against the U.S. dollar to approximately JPY 114.3


Markets in China closed nearly unchanged in anticipation of next week’s quarterly GDP report.

CSI 300 index: +0.3%

Shanghai Composite Index: -0.6%

(Written and edited by: The Decision Maker)


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