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Global Markets Weekly roundup, 18 – 22 October

London, Friday, 18 October 2021 -

Global Markets Weekly roundup

U.S. market

Earnings send major indices up.

Al major indices jumped to record highs, helped by a number of positive earnings.

Dow Jones

Friday’s Close: 35,677.02

Week’s Change: 382.26

% Change YTD: 16.57%

S&P 500

Friday’s Close: 4,544.90

Week’s Change: 73.53

% Change YTD: 21%

Nasdaq Composite

Friday’s Close: 15,090.20

Week’s Change: 192.86

% Change YTD: 17.08%


Shares in Europe rose as optimism about corporate earnings season overcame worries about the potential risks if central banks tighten monetary policy as economic growth loses momentum.

STOXX 600: +0.53%

DAX: +0.28%

CAC: little changed

FTSE MIB: +0.31%

FTSE 100: -0.41%

Core Eurozone bond yields climbed as continued hawkishness among some major central banks spurred concerns that rate increases might come sooner than previously expected.

Peripheral Eurozone bond yields tracked core markets.

UK gilt yields also jumped as Bank of England (BoE) Governor, Andrew Bailey said that the Bank would “have to act” if inflationary pressures prove more persistent. UK inflation unexpectedly slowed to 3.1% over year in September, slightly better that the 3.2% in August but still well-above the 2% target of the BoE. A rate increase next month is possible.


As campaign for the General elections on 31 October began, Japan’s stock market presented losses for the week.

Nikkei 225: -0.91%

TOPIX: -1.07%

A four-year low for the yen against the U.S. dollar, finishing around JPY 13.9

The yield on the Japanese 10-year government bond rose slightly to 0.09%.


China’s stock market advanced.

CSI 300: +0.6%

Shanghai Composite: +0.3%

Advance came as a result of officials attempt to ease fears about the property sector amid a delayed coupon payment made by Evergrande Group, which sparked a rally in the developer’s bonds and stocks.

(Written and edited by: The Decision Maker)


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