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UK Car Production Declines For Six Consecutive Months.

London, Thursday, 27 January 2022

In December 2021, UK automobile manufacturing fell 12.7 percent year on year to 62,310 units, marking the sixth consecutive month of reductions as the prolonged semiconductor scarcity weighed on output. In the full year of 2021, car production declined 6.7 percent to 859,575 units, the lowest total since 1956 and 34.0 percent lower than pre-pandemic 2019.

Manufacturers also faced workforce shortages as a result of the necessity to self-isolate, as well as lower demand as a result of automobile showrooms being shuttered for months owing to lockdowns.

There were also non-Covid factors at play, the most notable of which was the July shutdown of a major UK auto manufacturer, which accounted for roughly a fifth of the annual drop. Exports remained the backbone of UK auto production, with eight out of ten vehicles produced going elsewhere.

(Edited by: The Decision Maker)


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