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X, Formerly Twitter, Switches TweetDeck's Free Service Into a Subscription-Based one.

London, Wednesday, 16 August 2023

On Wednesday, social network X, formerly known as Twitter, changed the free TweetDeck app into a subscription-based service.

The programme is now known as XPro and is a component of the organization's paid Blue subscription.

Users are presented with a subscription choice when they attempt to log in to the application, which states: "Blue subscribers with a verified phone number will get a blue checkmark once approved."

A blue checkmark verification is needed for the application, and it costs $84 a year to subscribe.

When the firm revealed on July 4 that it would be launching the redesigned TweetDeck and making it a Blue-only option, the social media community, managers, and journalists had differing opinions.

(Written by, The Decision Maker - Technology editors)

(Picture by, Wikipedia)


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