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Monaco Bans All Single-Use Plastic Items With a Zero Use Goal by 2030.

Monaco Bans All Single-Use Plastic Items With a Zero Use Goal by 2030.

Article first published on the Decision Maker in January 2023

As Monaco works toward eliminating all single-use plastic waste by 2030, the following list of plastic products will be prohibited starting on January 1, 2023.

The Prince's Government has set a goal of outlawing all single-use plastic items that harm the environment by 2030, particularly those that end up in the ocean.

New goods entered the red list on January 1, 2023. As follows:

- straws, stirrers, cups, cutlery, plates, steak skewers, take-away polystyrene containers, cup lids and closures, and ice cream tubs are examples of single-use plastic tableware.

- single-use shopping bags, cotton swabs, confetti, balloon sticks, toys on children's menus, herbal or tea bags that aren't biodegradable, and plastic wrap on some fresh produce;

- goods made of plastic that degrades quickly;

- the launch of balloons and lanterns into the air;

- using disposable tableware in a catering facility while a meal is consumed on-site;

- meal plans sold at a discounted price that include drinks packaged in single-use containers (cans, plastic or glass bottles, etc.);

- the free provision of disposable utensils with takeout meals;

- the routine production of credit card and receipts. The printing of a receipt is still an option for customers.

In addition, all customers have the right to get their food in their own reusable container, and employers are required to supply reusable dinnerware in the workplace.

The Committed Shops and Restaurants Label can provide support to business owners who are impacted by this rule.

Agents from the Department of the Environment will conduct routine inspection visits to make sure those businesses all throughout the Principality are adhering to the new regulations.

(Report by: The Decision Maker – Lifestyle editors)


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