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UK Defence Committee Chair Resigns Over Afghanistan Comments.

London, Thursday, 14 September 2023

Following a dispute over his remarks regarding Afghanistan, British politician Tobias Ellwood resigned on Wednesday from his position as the defence committee chair.

After publishing a video clip on X in July that claimed Afghanistan had been "transformed" during the Taliban's authority, the Conservative MP came under fire.

In the video, he was seen travelling to Afghanistan and pleading with the UK to resume talks with the Taliban and reopen its embassy there. He asserted that shouting from a distance would not advance women's rights.

He said that security has increased and corruption has decreased in Afghanistan in a tweet that was sent along with the video.

The BBC stated that Ellwood left before he was "pushed," citing a source familiar with the matter, despite the fact that he was potentially facing a no-confidence vote from his fellow MPs on the Defence Select Committee.

The MP for Bournemouth East said, "Poor communications during the summer in calling for increased international engagement in Afghanistan was understandably criticised at the time and reflected poorly on the committee."

(Written and edited by The Decision Maker - International Relations editors)

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